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BUZZ BEATS: “The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess” by Chappell Roan

Jason Martin

Chappell Roan, whose real name is Kayleigh Rose Amstutz, is a Missouri-born American singer-songwriter. Many of the songs on her debut album, which she co-wrote with Dan Nigro, are influenced by pop hits from the early 2000s and 1980s synth-pop. Her music usually focuses on the topics of love, self-discovery, and identity.

“The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess,” released on September 22, 2023, is Chappell Roan’s debut album, with a duration of 49 minutes and 8 seconds. This album has 14 tracks that are absolutely incredible. Since my first listen, I’ve been obsessed with almost every song from this album. This album holds no skips for me and has been on repeat ever since. The topics of her queerness, love, and challenges are so incredible to listen to, and every song is like a new page of a book, something refreshing and new to fall in love with (unlike some other albums I’ve reviewed here on Buzz Beats; read more about that here!). I also have to congratulate Chappell on her success! She recently performed at Coachella, and her set was incredible. She has an amazing stage presence and a great setlist, and overall, she is just so awesome to watch.

On her Instagram post announcing its release, she wrote, “This album is for the 10 year old girl from the Midwest who never thought she could be herself. The girl who felt shame from the day she turned 13 for having a deeper love for her girl best friend that was unlike anything she felt for boys. For the girl who was told to be proper and sweet and ladylike, but simply would never be.”

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Now, let’s get into the review:

As I said above, this album has absolutely no skips on it. Every song has a new feel and new vibe, and is so interesting to listen to. Her music has such a way of getting through to the audience, and the topics are so incredible. Red Wine Supernova is the most popular song from this album, having 60,175,920 plays on Spotify alone, and is one of my favorite tracks. It’s such a fun song, and it feels like dancing around with friends during summer break, refreshing, fun, and carefree.

In an interview with Dork Magazine, a music magazine based in the United Kingdom, she talks about how much fun she had writing this album, and how enlivening it was. She stated, “Writing the album has just taught me to let go of being so serious, I’ve allowed myself to write things that maybe some would say is tacky, but actually, I just think it’s camp. It’s been a growing process of allowing myself to just have fun. I think the music industry, especially in the US, is very serious, and they don’t want you to have fun.” Dork’s Top 50 Albums of 2023.


Let’s now get onto some of my favorite lyrics from each song:


  • Hit it like rom-pom-pom-pom
    (Get it hot) Get it hot like Papa John
    (Make a b*tch) Make a b*tch go on and on
    (It’s a fem) It’s a femininomenon
  • Stuck in the suburbs, you’re folding his laundry
    Got what you wanted so stop feeling sorry

Red Wine Supernova

  • I’m in the hallway waitin’ for ya
    Mini skirt and my go-go boots
  • Fell in love with the thought of you
    Now I’m choked up, face down, burnt out
  • Well, back at my house
    I’ve got a California king
    Okay, maybe it’s a twin bed
    And some roommates (Don’t worry, we’re cool)

After Midnight

  • This is what I wanted, this is what I like
    I’ve been a good, good girl for a long time
    But baby, I like flirting, a lover by my side
    Can’t be a good, good girl even if I tried
  • I kinda wanna kiss your girlfriend if you don’t mind
    I love a little drama, let’s start a bar fight
    ‘Cause everything good happens after midnight


  • I’d suggest the jazz bar
    On MaryAnn Street
    But you’d buy me a drink
    And we know where that leads
  • I’ll meet you for coffee
    ‘Cause if we have wine
    You’ll say that you want me
    I know that’s a lie


  • I thought you thought of me better
    Someone you couldn’t lose
  • You said, “We’re not together”
    So now when we kiss, I have anger issues
  • Two weeks and your mom invites me to her house on Long Beach
    Is it casual now?
    I know what you tell your friends
    It’s casual, if it’s casual now
  • Maybe we’d have an apartment
    And you’d show me off to your friends at the pier
  • It’s hard being casual
    When my favorite bra lives in your dresser
    It’s hard being casual
    When I’m on the phone talking down your sister
  • I try to be the chill girl but
    Honestly, I’m not
  • I hate that I let this drag on so long, now I hate myself
    I hate that I let this drag on so long, you can go to hell

Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl

  • He didn’t ask a single question
    And he was wearing these fugly jeans
  • Uh-huh, I’m through
    With all these hyper mega bummer boys like you
    Oh yeah, I need
    A super graphic ultra modern girl like me
  • Wearing nothing but glitter and lashes
    At every party we’re the party, shaking our a**es
  • Walk that walk
    From Tokyo to New York
    With everything you feel
    And everything you are
    Walk that walk
  • Hyper-sexy top to bottom girl like me


  • It’s all in my head but I want non-fiction
  • Baby, do you like this beat?
    I made it so you’d dance with me
  • H-O-T-T-O-G-O
    You can take me hot to go
  • What’s it take to get your number?
    What’s it take to bring you home?
    Hurry up, it’s time for supper
    Order up, I’m hot to go

Picture You

  • Do you picture me like I picture you?
    Am I in the frame from your point of view?


  • Whatever you decide
    I will understand
    And it will all be fine
    And just go back to being friends
  • Turn it to the left and right
    Colors shinin’ in your eye
    And even upside down
    It’s beautiful somehow
  • And if you ever find
    Someone who could write
    A better song for you
    Well, I’d love to see them try

Pink Pony Club

  • And I heard that there’s a special place
    Where boys and girls can all be queens every single day
  • Oh mama, I’m just having fun
    On the stage in my heels
    It’s where I belong down at the
    Pink Pony Club
  • Won’t make my mama proud
    It’s gonna cause a scene
    She sees her baby girl
    I know she’s gonna scream

Naked In Manhattan

  • New crush, high school love again
    The rush of slumber party kissing
  • I’d love if you knew you were on my mind
    Constant like cicadas in the summertime
  • A Pisces who knew that we were so aligned
    When I sing that Lana song, it makes you cry
    Mean Girls, we watch it every night
    And we both have a crush on Regina George
  • If I don’t try, then it’s my loss
    An inch away from more than just friends


  • Thought I’d be cool in California
    I’d make you proud
    To think I almost had it going
    But I let you down

Guilty Pleasure

  • I fantasize what we would do
    And how would it taste?
    And the way you move
  • Oh, some good girls do bad things too
  • I want this like a cigarette
    Can we drag it out and never quit?
  • You give me guilty, guilty pleasure

This album gets a amazing 9.1/10, and I stand by that and would defend it until the day I die. This album is absolutely incredible, and has a song on here for everyone. No matter what kinda music you’re into, definitely give this album a listen.

Find “The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess” by Chappell Roan on Apple Music, Spotify, and other major streaming services!

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    Ms. CollinsMay 13, 2024 at 2:37 pm

    Great article Willow! It’s a perfect album! I was ready to bring out the pitchforks if you said otherwise.